Take The Reality Show Guy Off The Ballot, Get Busy Saving The Republic!


Take The Reality Show Guy Off The Ballot, Get Busy Saving The Republic!

It’s time to get serious about the presidential race and take the reality show guy off the ballot so we can get down to the brass tacks of saving our Republic!

The Joke’s over

In these days of environmental concerns, we must balance the need for water conservation with the need for moving waste to it’s proper destination…so:
Flush twice, it’s a long way to Washington!

I mean, the joke is over boys. It was fun while it lasted, all that making fun of people who can’t tell shit from shinola, but it is time to set the record straight and get this done! Let’s start getting real, get to the grown up stuff and leave this emotional hype behind and get down to business! Your little joke has now become destructive!

Possible outcomes of the current course and options:

If Trump continues to run as a Republican:

Trump might make it to the convention before the drugs wear off. or the spell wears off, or whatever it is that he has over so many people who seem to lose IQ points every time he speaks, and if he does, he will either:

1. Be brokered out by the Establishment Republicans he claims to hate so much,and the party will likely lose.

2. A big fight will result which will destroy the party.

3. He will receive the party’s nomination, in which case he will lose to a Democratic socialist and everybody will lose!

If Trump runs as an independent

Independently, Trump could:

  1. Pull some votes away from the Republican party, but he already is.
  2. He could pull some votes away from the Democratic party, which would be good.

So, what’s the worry? One way or another Trump is likely to wreck serious Republican chances at having a serious candidate to reform the party and bring it back to winning elections. We have already lost the best candidate or candidates for that job! If he is forced to run as an independant, at least the party won’t be saddled with the disaster that would ensue should he win!


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