Texans: It’s Time To Get Rid of The Drivers Responsibility Tax


Updated: 8/22/11
See this for an update on the illegal tax/double jeopardy called Texas Drivers Responsibility Program

It is time to put this unconstitutional tax, and it’s double jeopardy out of our misery!

If you know of attorneys who might be interested in getting involved, please let them know about this case before the Texas Court of Criminal appeals!

The United States began in a tax revolt. The revolt was about being unfairly taxed without having any representation in the government doing the taxing. We all know the rest of the story.

Today, we have many unfair taxes, inspite of our representation in Washington, but we do have the possibility of turning these over if we all band together and send the right people to Washington.

An unfair tax in Texas

Here in Texas, we now have something a little different. An unfair tax on Texas drivers which has had the effect of turning 10% of the drivers in our state into criminals. It was not passed by our legislators, it was forced into place by bureaucrats. You may say that it is not a tax, but that is precisely what it is. The program is the Drivers Responsibility Program.

If you are ticketed for any of the issues on their list, you will go to court, and the judge will issue a ruling. If you are found guilty, plead guilty, or plead no contest, you will be issued a fine. That is where it should end, the reasonable assesment of a judge based on the laws of our state.

Unfortunately, the folks over at the department of public safety don’t see it that way. They say you now owe the state a surcharge. It is this surcharge that is the offending tax. It was not passed by our representatives, but by a band of beurocrats bent on collecting more than they are due, and the proceeds were to go for a program to build a highway that would effectively have stolen land from our fellow Texans!

Furthermore, the surcharge is administerd by a third party company, who mails out the documentation in an envolope that looks suspiciously like junk mail, with no notice that this is an official state document. I suppose that makes sense since it is not an official state document. If you miss it, your license will be suspended, and the suspension notice will be mailed by the third party administrator in the same non descript envelope!

If you get caught driving after the suspension that you may have tossed out with the circulars in the mail, you will be subject to a frightening array of possibilities like having your vehicle towed, going to jail, and of course, more surcharges!

It is time for Texans to band together and put an end to this rediculous tax! Call your representative and tell them that you want the program to come to an end, and all the money collected through the program returned to it’s rightfull owners, those who were cheated out of their hard earned money by bureaucrats!

This would send a clear message to the folks in Austin that Texans are fed up!


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