Thank You Mr. Davis!


After browsing around some forums, and looking at comments on news stories, as well as speaking with a few folks around the area, I have come to conclude that the counties hiring of Smith county lawyer Robert Davis may have been the best thing that they could have possibly done…for the opposition! This move has pushed many people who were on the fence off the fence, and onto the side of the no vote! The most common reason stated, is that if officials consider this man to be the best attorney for doing the job, they must be either incompetent, or desperate! Either way, it is enough to nudge a lot of fence sitters off.

Is this guy for real? He seems to be the very caricature of a District Attorney “wanabe”, with bad manners to boot! He is turning voters against the county jail bond proposal faster than truth and logic have been able to do so far! Thank you Mr. Davis!


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