The Middle Of The Wrong Side Of The Road: Reaction to the Republican Debate


After watching the debates tonight, one thing became even more clear than ever: We are in dire straits!

With the exit of Rand Paul from the Republican primary race, the choice is between grim and unimaginably grim! It borders on societally suicidally grim! We are all waiting for another candidate, or someone from the Paul organization to support another candidate, but it is not going to happen, so we have to look realistically at what might be next. You may not want to stick around for what I say, because the picture is really ugly! If you do stick around, then let me break it down for you:

Break down

The Republicans

The majority of the Republican candidates are business as usual candidates. What I mean by that is business as usual, as middle of the wrong side of the road candidates. Let me explain:

Candidates who want to be the voice of corporations and big government while sounding conservative. Candidates who insist on boosting our debt by more mongering of wars, creating  more business for the military industrial complex, sending more of our people to war, creating more military spending. They seek to do this by managing to gain the support of the middle…middle class, middle America, middle of the wrong side of the road.

These candidates include: Bush, Kaisick, Rubio, Trump, Cruz, and Christie. The only other in the Republican field is Ben Carson, and it is hard to tell which part of the wrong side he might fall into!

Socialist candidates

Three possible outcomes

  1. What happens if we have a Bernie Sanders or a Hillary Clinton win? Ron Paul says gridlock. I have always considered gridlock to be a good thing. The more that washington can’t cooperate, the less likely they are to pass more stupid laws! He and other more Libertarian leaning thinkers seem to think this will be the result, and that nothing pro or con will be accomplished.
  2. There is also the burn factor, not the Bern factor, but in this case they may be the same. The idea that we allow fools and charlatans to plot the course. After four to eight years of mayhem, come back to the (now more than willing to see reason) public for elections with a real plan, a real solution and some real candidates to put it back together. I am not sure of the validity of this process, but that is one line of thinking.
  3. The third is a less attractive package. we could end up with a total failure of the system resulting in martial law, civil unrest, and an end to our economic system and our infrastructure.


We have basically cheated ourselves out of any real candidates, given in to lunacy, perhaps it is time to hunker in a bunker and embrace the chaos brought upon us by what now appears to be the least intelligent electorate in the history of western civilization!

I hope to God that someone will come along to prove me wrong!The Republican Debate (1)


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