The Myth Of The Peaceful Muslim?


Muslim Theology calls for the destruction of non believers, Muslim history seems to support the fact of a sincere and abiding attempt to do just that!

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Is that an inflammatory title? If it is, and it bothers you, and it got your attention then it served it’s purpose! You are now reading and thinking about the subject, and that will benefit us all.

Consider this a sort of open letter to peaceful Muslims and all others who seek peace in this current turmoil.

I know many people, who believe that there is no such thing as a peaceful Muslim! They put peaceful Muslims in the same category as Santa, the Easter bunny, and Bigfoot; that everyone has heard of them, but nobody has actually seen one.

One does have to admit that the evidence seems a little sparse, there area few Muslims living in our community, they have caused no harm, been no trouble, and seem to be peacefully coexisting with others, but there is always that doubt, that question, that hesitation that comes when we realize that the history of Islam in the world has been a messy one. Bare with me for a little bit of a history lesson, then a short bit of theology before we reach a conclusion that will be beneficial to all but the militant aggressors on both sides.

Muslims in history

Islamic history does not seem to instil a sense of tranquility. There has been one continuous holy war against everyone else from the time of Mohammed to the present from one faction or another of Islam in one part of the world or another. Within 500 years of Mohamed, Spain, Italy, France, and much of the rest of the world had been invaded, and much of it taken, by Muslim invaders.

Then for about 200 years, the tables turned when European “Christian” invaders returned the favor. Europeans have been apologizing for this ever since! In reality, it had less to do with religion than stopping the incoming invasions, and money. What followed was more Islamic invasion!

For the next few hundred years, Muslim invaders were a constant threat to Europeans. In fact, Islamic pirates are pretty much responsible for the development of the U.S. Navy and Marines. The Islamic pirates said that Allah had granted them the right to take anything they desired from the Infidel, which they did, not only with goods, but also people who were often sold as slaves. Many were held for ransom. Our naval vessels were used to prevent this problem. Several major world events put this tension in the background, but it has always been operating on low.

In modern times the situation has been altered a bit, but the same things are still going on. Modern Muslims tend to blame the west for the installation of brutal oppressive dictators. There are bits of truth here, just as there are bits of rationale for doing it. At best, this line of thought leads to a stalemate.

Now we have many violent factions, and the it will be impossible for the west to avoid dealing with it in the most violent of manners…unless we do something about it.

Muslim Theology

This is another area of worry for us westerners. The progressive nature of the Quran seems to negate earlier, more peaceful passages by replacing them with ideas like; it is okay to lie to infidels, it is good to kill infidels, by extension, it is okay to trick infidels by lying for the purpose of killing them! I am sure you can see how this would be a problem for those of us who are considered infidels.

In short, it tells us that no matter how nice and peaceful you may seem, at some point you will, if you have strict adherence to the Quran, attempt to destroy us! How can we trust you?

You may say that “the Old Testament God commanded the Jews to kill all of some of the societies it encountered. Yes, it is true, but several things need to be said about that: One, they never carried it out completely. Two, Jews do not practice this today. Three, Christians read the Old Testament but do not believe that it applies to them directly as the New Testament does. The New Testament has no such imprecatory passages.

In other words, we are not trying to destroy you because of your religion, (or at all) even though your belief calls for you to destroy us!

Putting history and theology together

Muslim Theology calls for the destruction of non believers, Muslim history seems to support the fact of a sincere and abiding attempt to do just that!

This makes it very difficult for non Muslims to understand why we should trust you. Surely you can understand that. Your theology says “kill them all”, your history shows a devout effort to do so! Can you see the dilemma?

I know, I know, there has always been a remnant of peace loving Islam. It probably far outnumbers the terrorists even today. How can you distinguish yourself from those who seek war? This is the question:

How can we tell you apart

We cannot judge what is in your heart.

We need to be able to understand, and the only way we can know who is who, is if you find a way to show us. The only way I can think of to accomplish this is by proclaiming your position loudly, and often through every media available! You must reject the terrorism publicly.

I know that this course does not answer all the issues, and that it may be less safe than doing or saying nothing, but in the end, when peaceful Islam is proclaimed more loudly than the message of the radical Islamic terrorists, we will all win!

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