The Truth About Christmas And The Story Behind it


According to the narrative, there was a garden. The garden was perfect, the people tending to the garden were perfect, there was however, an interloper who tempted the people living there to doubt the one who had created them and the garden.

“Did he really say…?” In spite of knowing better, the gardeners did what they had been forbidden by their creator from doing, and the perfection was gone!

There were consequences for their action. It should be understood that the consequences were just that, consequences of the action taken, not punishment. They knew immediately, and hid from the creator because they were afraid. The consequences were these:

  • There was a broken relationship with the creator. They hid.
  • There was a break in their psyche. Fear.
  • There was a broken relationship between the two human creations. One blamed it on the other.
  • There was a broken relationship with nature, the rest of the created world. It would now grow thorns and thistles, and humans would have to sweat to earn a meager living.

Think of that:

There really are no other relationships, there is nothing that is not involved in this in some way. This unifies everything. The spiritual, the sociological, the psychological, and the natural, all tied to one event. This is the only story in all literature to provide a basis for what is normal, and the answer to why normal is such a fleeting idea!

But, there was a hope for the future. Someday a woman would give birth to one who would destroy the tempter, the interloper who had called the creator into question to begin with!

Between the time of the lost perfection and the time of the birth of that promised child, a great deal of time passed. Many events occurred, great men arose, terrible men arose, great armies fought near endless wars, and great enemies were created who still fight today!

But, in due time that child was born, at the proper time, in the proper place in a little town, in a humble circumstance, and the world has never been the same since!

It is not that the world again became perfect, but the way for the human to once again relate rightly with the creator was opened. In the end, that baby, born of the woman, in those humble circumstances died to make peace between the creator and his creation! He gave his life to bring human beings back to a right spiritual relation with the creator. If you recall, that was the first consequence.

We now await, according to this tale, the return of this baby as ruler, when he will once again restore those other lost relationships with our inner beings, with each other, and with nature itself!

Well, that’s the story, at least that’s the one I believe about the meaning behind this season!

The story from the book
The story from the book

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