There Are Well Over A Billion Muslims In The World…From A Facebook Post


The veiled threat of Islam

Muslim NumbersNumbers of Muslims In the World

Okay, I read this and the lesson is obvious! “There are well over a billion Muslims in the world, if Islam was about violence you would all be dead by now!” As I said, the lesson is clear.

Like tracers, this argument works both ways:

There are well over 2 billion Christians in the world…If we were really about violence, you would all be dead now! Stop letting bad history tell you who to hate!

So many peaceful Muslims, why so much violence?

If, there are so many peaceful Muslims why don’t they silence those who are not so?

I agree with the premise that most Muslims are peaceful, but the ones who are not are killing, and throughout history have been killing Christians and others in numbers beyond accounting!

If you then say that the Christians did so in the crusades, I will say, what about the 500 years before the crusades and the 700 or so years after the crusades and today when radical Islam was, and is, a constant danger to those beyond it’s natural borders?

We need to have a serious talk, we need to have this serious talk without being called racists for stating the quite obvious lessons of history!

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