Three Facts For All Of You Who Support Donald Trump


To all you who support Donald Trump in his bid for the presidency:

There are many of you saying now, that if your front runner is not nominated by the Republican party, you will take your votes and go play in another sandbox.

Let’s look at this threat:

These are the facts you need to know, and can not escape!

  1. Donald Trump is the choice of about 30% of registered Republican voters. That is not enough to win in November.
  2. His continued presence prompted by a loud minority of the party will result in the election of one of the Democratic candidates if the other 70% does not choose to stand up against him before the nomination.
  3. If he is ushered into the convention as the frontrunner, it is likely that the other 70% of registered Republicans will coalesce behind another candidate. You will not have been cheated, you will have lost!

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