Ted Cruz Eligibility Suit Pending!


It has happened

Ted Cruz Eligibility Suit Pending:

A Houston lawyer filed suit on Thursday asking a Texas Federal Court to rule on Senator Ted Cruz’s eligibility to be President if elected to the office.

It is time

Ted Cruz Eligibility suitIt’s about time! Not just for those who don’t like Cruz, but even for Cruz and his supporters. This needs to be settled now, for the sake of everyone before this train rolls on down the track.

We have had a couple of potential presidents who were born in U.S. territories before they became states, and legal proceedings ensued. That is a pretty easy one.

This will be a little more difficult given that nothing like this has ever been adjudicated. This is better known now than during or after the Republican Convention, or in November, or especially after the November elections since it could become a legal and political disaster if Mr. Cruz were chosen as his party’s candidate, or as a candidate for the Vice Presidency and the country had to deal with it then!

It’s just a little foggy in there

The founders were usually pretty clear about their intentions, either in the Constitution itself, or the myriad of other documentation they left behind, and I’m sure the founders knew what they wanted on this issue, but they may not have left us enough of an explanation to solve some conundrums.

Some things to think about:

  • Is a child born to an American father and a German mother on an American airbase in Germany, a natural born citizen?
  • Is a child born to parents of dual U.S. and French citizenship in France a U.S. citizen?
  • Is a child born of visiting foreign parents in this country a citizen?
  • Are the children of illegal aliens U.S. citizens?
  • What if one parent is illegal and one is legally here?

There are many other combinations, but these are good starting points.

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