Driving While Texting And Other Stupid Things


Driving While Stupid

I have said this before on this blog, that if the State of Texas does not do something about the drivers who talk and text on their phones while driving, they should release everyone ever convicted of driving while intoxicated, apologize, and refund all their losses! Even the borg like creatures with devices that require no hands to operate. People who use these devices have the automobile operating portions of their brains turned off just like the people who use the devices requiring hands to use.

This little rant resulted from a KLTV story tonight on the subject. We invite opposing veiws to comment if you think you can stand the humiliation and ridicule that will follow.

Illegal Taxation: Drivers Responsibility Program Surcharge

An issue that our legislature needs to deal with is the dissmantleing of the ridiculous, missguided, and I might add, illegal tax otherwise known as the drivers responsibility program surcharge. Legislators, please do away with this travesty! It is a tax, it is not legal, it is responsible for making 10% of Texans criminals because they can’t afford to pay! While you are at it, please refund the money to the individuals who haveĀ  payed thus far!

UnTarp Tarp

Now onto Federal stupidity. It is time to do something about the insanity going on with our money. It would have cost less to solve the mortgage crisis if we had just bought everyone a home! It is ridiculous! We are being saddled with a huge amount of tax debt, and the money is being given by, and to the idiots who got us into the mess to begin with. As poor as I think Mr. Bush’s performance has been, and as incompetent as it was to actually sign this ridiculous bill to begin with, we can’t lay it all off on him. This problem goes back, at least to the Clinton administration for loosening the lending requirements. This is a result of the stupidity of both parties, and is a good argument for the introduction of a third party, along Libertarian lines. Neither current party has the moral authority to stand against the socialization or nationalization now that both parties have contributed to the fiasco, and that is frightening.

Interfering with the free market system is always a mistake, and giving money to banks to set on it instead of loan it is a big fat charlie foxtrot!

Jefferson complained that people were wanting more banks in his day, now we know why!