Trump Statism And Populism And Direct Democracy Vs Rule Of Law


Mob Rule

I don’t think Trump will get the 1237 and if he does not, it will not be a result of anything another candidate has or has not done.

CO went as it was supposed to go according to the folks I know there. The only people who complained were not even registered republicans and had not been involved in the party. (I actually spoke with one of them myself and when I asked if she was a registered party member she said no, and promptly ended our conversation.)

None of the very very small group of protesters were registered republicans, and some were not even from CO! The election was a simple straw poll that was non binding, and served no purpose. These things were decided before Trump was even in the race.

These methods are allowed by the constitution, up to the state party members, and operate as they have since Lincoln defeated Seward. We had to work with and against it when I campaigned for Reagan.

It requires involvement by a grassroots organization at the ground level…where it should be. This is the nuts and bolts of politics, and it is hard, and it works!

Trump’s movement against the delegate system and toward populism and statism is one of the most frightening things I have seen in my life, and it should frighten everyone!

There is little that is more frightening than mob rule!