Trump Had Less Than One Quarter Of The Vote!

It is time to inject a little honesty into the discussion regarding presidential popularity. Nobody really wants to bring this up, but it needs to be done.

Why did Donald Trump win the presidential election given his extreme lack of popularity? Put a different way, why is Donald Trump so unpopular even among the voters of his own party and suffer such powerful resistance from the rank and file true conservative movement?

It is really pretty simple, and it does not require a brain surgeon (apologies to Ben Carson) to figure out why!

Let’s do the numbers or at least the percentages:

Bad Choices

Because the choices were so bad this election, millions stayed away from the polls just to be able to say that they did not vote for either of these losers.

Slightly more than 40% stayed at home! Only 60% of registered voters turned out to vote, and fewer than half of those voted for Donald Trump!

Half Of His Voters Despised Him (and still do)

Of that number, more than half claimed to be voting for him because he was the least bad of the two candidates they felt they could vote for without “losing” their vote.

Trump Got Less Than 1/4 Of The Registered Votes!

What we are seeing here is that less than 1/4 of the voting public really wanted to see Donald Trump in the Whitehouse!

Now, if only 60% of registered voters turned out to vote because the choices were so excruciatingly bad, and if the number of votes cast for you is less than half of the number of people who voted, and if half of the people who voted for you voted for you because you were the least bad of the two excruciatingly bad choices they felt they had, you did not have a majority of voters behind you, in fact, you did not even have a plurality!