Trump Outcomes: Which Way Will We All Lose In This Election?


Trump outcomes before the nomination

There is a small, but not irrational chance that Donald Trump will not win the Republican nomination.

That hinges on one of the two remaining candidates, and most likely Ted Cruz and his ability to turn up the heat on Trump. In truth, Cruz is a powerful debater with a history of winning litigation with his verbal arguments. The question is, “Will that be enough?” the answer is probably not!

Teflon Trump

Something else will have to happen to get Trump into the hot seat and keep him there till he melts! That will be difficult considering his seeming nonstick teflon coating, similar to the Clintons. Nothing seems to stick, nothing, no matter how disqualifying seems to disqualify him. There has been solid resounding evidence of his left leaning tendencies on every issue that matters to conservative voters, and somehow they ignore the fragrance of the manure in which they steep.

Big and shocking

There is the political giving, the book, the anti gun, pro abortion, single payer health care system, influence buying and selling, race disparaging, narcissistic lying on a regular basis, and he passes it off as old news, even if it was yesterday. His followers continue to support him and even more loudly and irrationally than before! It will have to be something big and shocking, and that is something that Trump is good at, big and shocking!

While I am not expecting this sort of thing to happen, I almost always expect it to happen. Not only because I think he is dangerous and ridiculous, but because it is his nature! I can not imagine what it might be, but it would have to be something extremely serious to “trump” the very serious things which his supporters already allow to pass. I think Trump was right about him shooting someone and still getting the support of his followers.

Real Establishment Republicans

There is also the chance that the “establishment republicans”, might wade into the fray. Here I mean the “Real” establishment Republicans and not the ones that Trump supporters imagine lurking behind every bush. I mean the ones who have traditionally held the purse strings on a lot of corporate money, and who have in their best interest to see that the world stays moderately stable except where and when a little instability might affect the bottom line for the good of the boardroom. ┬áThese well heeled Republicans might come up with a brokered convention or some similar backroom dealing that might end the Donald’s chances of becoming the nominee.

If Trump smells this above the fragrance of his own b.s. he will probably jump ship and run as an independent. This would be no more, or less a problem for Republicans than the other route. Running as an independant, he would probably pull votes away from the Republican candidate at about 30%. This would insure a Republican defeat. In either scenario, the same thing happens, there is not enough vote to put him into the White House.

Trump outcomes if he wins the nomination

In fact, there is no scenario in which Donald Trump becomes the president!

In the general election Trump can glean no more than half the votes from republicans, many of whom would rather see Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue than Trump. At least then, as our country spirals further downward, Republicans can blame the democrats for the flush.

Independent protest candidates

There is another idea floating around, and it is taking hold in several different sectors of conservative, Libertarian, circles and others. The idea of running a republican protest candidate to counter the mindless protest candidacy of the current frontrunner. It would divide the vote, but since that is going to happen anyway, what is the difference? Just about anything is worth a try!

What if worse comes to worse

The tide can turn, it can happen, but I am not holding my breath. We need to make every effort to change the outcome, and we need to make every preparation to mitigate the damage.

Our locally elected officials

Let’s get local, get our House and Senate candidates elected, and hold the ones who are already there up to the standards we should expect. We lose this election, there will be at least one SCOTUS appointment, and possibly more, and we need to be sure that we can either avoid the left wing nominations that will be tossed out first for long enough to at least get an appointee who believes the Constitution and the rule of law.

We need the people’s house to be strong and legislate out those loopholes that have in the past, resulted in very Un Constitutional decisions.

In short, it is time for us to fall back to the organizations that we should be concentrating on to begin with, the House and Senate! We have allowed the erosion of power from these institutions, and they are the only ones we control!

Lt’s take this back to the Constitution, and Constitutional separation of powers. It is the only way we can get our country back!


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