Trump Supporters, Who Are They?


Just Who Are The Trump Supporters?

who are the Trump Supporters
Donald Trump

Even the Trump supporters can’t understand why they and others support Donald Trump! It is a fair question. In the absence of any real platform, in the absence of any serious conversation, the only thing we have but a few off the cuff remarks, and a confusing past record.

The remarks

The remarks are often unconstitutional statements. Sometimes they are irrational emotional outbursts that have included such things as: The “Mexican rapists” statement, and the “ban all Muslims” statement. The idea that it might be okay to kill women and children in a sort of sanctioned anti terrorist terrorism campaign is also one of his greatest hits!

Confusing past record

From the standpoint of Republican purists, Republican progressives, and RHINOs, it is hard to make sense of his following, since he has in the past, supported Democratic candidates.

Establishment Republicans in a panic

In truth, the establishment Republicans are in a panic at the moment, trying to figure out what to do about the man! It seems doubtful that they will ignore this when it comes convention time. There will, almost certainly be a Republican establishment candidate, backed by the very deep pocketed establishment donors presented at some point before the convention.

Emotional supporters

So, who are the Trump supporters? They are, in general, people for whom Trumps emotional outpourings have touched upon a nerve. The Donald has voiced their fears and has not hesitated to speak out about them, even when it may not make much sense. That is somewhat comforting to many, but it is not what we need at the helm.

When we break through the emotional gut reaction and get down to the core. When we ask a few questions, and get them to think about the viability and the consequences of their candidates statements, they sort of vanish like the fog as the sun rises!


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