Trump’s Big Wall Has A Big Crack And He Likes It!


Trump's cracked wall

The great initial drawing card for most Trump followers was his stance on immigration.

Building a wall, halting immigration of most workers from other countries, and sending the ones who are here illegally back to their own homeland has been the hallmark of the Trump campaign.

The wall has a crack

Little by little, inch by inch, and going seemingly unnoticed, Donald Trump has been backing away from his previous stances on immigration. He still plans to build the big wall, but that big wall is getting an increasingly larger and larger crack and he is steadily enlarging it!

Highly skilled workers

There was some minor shifting in the language of Trumps immigration policies, (if that’s what you can call them) during the last week, and then a major shift in focus on Debate night when he seemed to be saying that highly skilled workers would be granted the visas needed to get into and stay in our country.

Low skill workers

In response to criticism of his companies hiring of hundreds of foreign workers for construction and housekeeping jobs at his properties, he simply said that such workers worked for less than their U.S. counterparts! Is that not the same reason that companies, including his own tie brand, are taking plants overseas or across the border?

Let’s break this down:

  • Trumps supporters support him because of his severe immigration policy.
  • Trumps position on immigration is slowly becoming more soft.
  • Trump turned 90 degrees on workers visas for skilled labor.
  • Trump still hires foreign workers for his own properties.
  • Trump has his ties made in China by cheap labor.

So let’s try this little syllogism:

  • Trump supporters follow him because of his initial stance on immigration.
  • Trumps position on immigration has become the opposite of his initial stance.
  • Therefore Trump followers should abandon him.

Why are Trump supporters still supporting him?


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