Trump’s Hostile Takeover Of The Republican Party And The Country


let’s say that you have a soccer club. Your soccer club is made for soccer, you have a board which helps decide the direction of the club within the club’s written set of directives, periodically the club votes on certain issues with all its membership, but once a year, your club holds elections for who will be on the board, and elects a leader for the board who will represent the club in negotiations with other soccer clubs in the area for practice space, schedules, rules and rule changes etc.

One day a guy comes along and gets interested and involved in the club , and chooses to run for that leadership position. The problem is that he wants to change a lot of the things that make the club distinctive. In fact, he would like to wall off soccer fields so that other clubs could not get in. He would like all the games to be with teams made up only of club members and no outside teams at all. In the end, it is rumored that he would really like to change the game from soccer to cricket.

This is the problem with Donald Trump and the Republican party today. If going into the convention with less than the absolute required number of delegates and not being able to take the reigns is a problem for Mr. Trump, he should probably go back to his original party, or start his own!

A brokered convention and the rules used for it is the mechanism the party has put in place to avoid a hostile takeover! It is perfectly sensable.

What if some very liberal left wing socialist came into power and made it to the convention of your chosen party which had long standing, unchangeable principles? Would you not want some rules that would work to keep your party from becoming its exact opposite? Would you like it if the KKK tried to take over the party and got enough crazy angry votes in the primary to take the nomination? How about Nazi’s, or Socialists, or Radical Muslims?

What would you do in such a case as this man ran for the leadership of what may soon be your cricket club? Would you use the rules put in place by your club and risk an uprising, or would you give in to the outsider and shine up your cricket bat? It’s a sticky wicket for sure, but I think you can understand.


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