Trumps Lie Of The Day: Referring To Ted Cruz As Lyin’ Ted


We were hoping to take some time and put these in some rational order, but there are a couple of problems with that:

1. The lies and idiocies come so fast that we could not keep up and are far behind already.
2. This is Donald Trump, so expecting anything about this to be rational is sort of like expecting water not to be wet!

So, we start where we are and keep up as best we can!
The Editor

Trump is constantly referring to Ted Cruz as Lyin’ Ted.

Is that true?

The fact is that Trump has been calling Mr. Cruz this for some time in order to take the heat off himself for the lies he has told!

The earliest date I can find a tape or Transcript for is on March 4 at the Republican debate after Cruz Tells Trump he can settle an issue by releasing the NYT tapes. Apparently the NYT has some unreleased interview tapes that reveal Donald Trump’s true intentions, better than what he says in public. The issue here was simply tariffs on Chinese goods. Should not be a problem right? Apparently it is.

Soon after, Trump began calling Ted Cruz, Lyin’ Ted!

So, Trump uses this childish ploy when he is about to get into trouble himself, and then blames it on Ted Cruz.

Other uses of the Lyin’ Ted Moniker

He has used it on several occasion relating to several different issues like the “Great Wall Of Trump”. Trump says that he had the idea for a wall before Cruz! Now, as childish as this sounds, and as ignorant as it is to claim to be the first to suggest something like a wall around a country, let’s just see who said it first. The video on this page was made on July 17 2012 when Cruz was running for the Senate. It is clear from this that Trump’s claims are false and that he is lying about this in spite of all the evidence!

There are dozens of other Trump firsts that he claims Lyin’ Ted won’t give him credit for, but this is really more than enough to prove my point.

Trump is a serious liar, and has a serious problem with the Truth.

Ted Cruz is vindicated, and if you want to know more, it can be found simply by doing a simple search!

Don’t mention that to Trump supporters though, because they get kind of surely about things like that and think you are just trying to be better than them!

Donald Turducken


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