Update on Print Media Death | Print Media is Still Dead!


Ok, you can accuse me of being as late with this update as the print media, and TV coverage, but I have been busy, and news is not my livelihood.

I sat up late several nights as the main stream media covered the death of a couple of our media icons ad nauseum, but I was not engaged in such important pursuits, I was engaged in something the media considered far less important. I was wasting my time online getting fresh updates from Iranian dissidents as they went to the streets of Iran’s major cities protesting the results of the presidential election. This news came to us in real time, as blow by blow accounts, many from the dissidents themselves!

As a side note, and in a related story, the main stream media might want to start watching the skies over Jordan and Iraq, they will in all likelihood soon be host to Israeli jets headed to Iranian nuclear sites! Also watch for streams of Iranians headed toward the Afghan and Iraqi borders.


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