Washington Stealing From All Generations

In these days of environmental concerns, we must balance the need for water conservation with the need for┬ámoving waste to it’s proper destination…so:
Flush twice, it’s a long way to Washington!

In an amazing feat of time travel, Washington has managed to steal money from your past earnings, your present earnings, and the earnings of your children and grandchildren!

So, that suction you hear and feel is the newest indication that our government is flushing away our heritage and our progeny simultaneously!

The bi-partisan agreement to raid the Social Security trust fund was reached and deployed even as Republican Presidential candidates ignored it in a debate that was obviously intended to show all candidates at their worst!

Well, almost all the candidates completely ignored it. Senator Paul made it the centerpiece of his brief segments of the debate, showing both, the bias of the media toward a political campaign resembling a reality show, and against substantive solutions, and Paul’s tenacity in the face of both right and left wing media’s attempts to ignore him!



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