What I Believe About Government, and a few other things


I believe:

  • That anyone who wants to be in power should never be allowed to be in power.
  • That what 2 or 12 people do in the privacy of their own bedroom, should not be legislated.
  • That all one needs to do to find the source of bad policy, is to follow the money trail.
  • That alcohol is legal, and marijuana is not, because of the money.
  • That the proper employment of the Federal government, is to regulate interstate commerce, and nothing else.
  • That prisons are criminal colleges.
  • That firearms are our ” Liberty Teeth”. Quoted from George Washington.
  • That so many laws have been made, that your grandmother is now a criminal.
  • That “gridlock” is good. If our representatives are busy squabbling, they can’t make new stupid laws.
  • That taxing production is stupid and counter productive.
  • That we need the labor and the initiative that immigrants provide.
  • That we are almost all immigrants.
  • That Jimmy Carter is a truly great humanitarian, and a great human being, but was a lousy president.
  • That men tend toward evil, and need to be governed.
  • That men tend toward evil, and can’t be trusted to govern.
  • That the two statements above are why our founding Fathers decided on the “Rule of Law”.
  • That we don’t need more jail space, we need to stop arresting people who don’t belong there.
  • That mothers should be against more things than just drunk drivers.
  • That MADD members, should stop using their cell phones while driving, so that they can stop running me into the ditch.
  • That people who drive SUV’s should be able to handle them, even in parking lots.
  • That anyone should have the right to own an SUV.
  • That anyone driving an SUV, should be able to see over the dashboard.
  • That we need categories other than DWI, like DWP (driving while phoning), and DWAM, (driving while applying makeup.)
  • That a check of statistics will very quickly reveal the truth of that last statement.
  • That if something is not done about those issues, the state of Texas should apologize to, and reimburse everyone ever convicted of DWI!

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