What Is The President’s Primary Job? It Is Not Our Protection!


Suppressing Our Rights Will Not Protect Us: Preserve, Protect, and Defend the Constitution

I am weary of hearing our political leaders from both parties up to and including the last two presidents use the same formula for justifying unconstitutional search:

“It is the president’s primary job to assure the safety of the American people!” Or, “I took an oath to protect the American people.”

However nice and comforting and noble it may sound, it is, nonetheless, a lie!

What is the president’s primary job?

The oath of the presidency, as also the oath of our military, is to protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic! This is what it says: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Did you see that? It is the primary job of the president of the United States to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution! It did not say “to build roads and bridges and schools”. It did not say to “protect the American people”. It did not say “if you agree with it, or if it is convenient”. It says to “preserve, protect, and defend” it!

If we do that, and follow its precepts, the rest will take care of itself.

We are never guaranteed comfort or safety. We have no grounds to support a danger free or struggle free existence. There have always been and will always be tyrants and terrorists. For nearly two and a half centuries we have had a place to stand against them and it is on that document.

Enemies of the Constitution

Our constitution has many foreign enemies, but the serious problem of our time is the domestic enemies!

We have been lulled into accepting infringement of rights on all levels and all in the name of protecting the people. We have accepted loss of constitutional rights with little more than a whimper. We have allowed our freedom of speech and press and religion to be tampered with, We have allowed infringement on our second amendment rights, We have seen the near destruction of our 4th amendment rights and accept all this as necessary to keep us safe!

It is time to wake up and see what is really happening. It is not the terrorists who are the biggest threat to our freedoms, it is our own government. It is time to do something about it.

Let’s make a great effort to get people to actually read the document which is the law of our land. The rule of law, faithfully executed is the best defend against tyranny from inside or outside. We need to know it!

Once we know it, we should attempt to get our elected officials to follow it! If we do not have officials who will faithfully execute the law of the land, then it’s time to get new ones!

You want to take my rights in order to protect me?

When half of our presidential candidates from both sides of the aisle think it is okay to to suspend the fourth amendment to keep us safe from terrorists (the irony is thick here) something is wrong! Forget the fact that the program in question has never been helpful in doing so. That’s bad enough. The real problem is the attitude toward the document they claim to want to protect and defend!

Let me say this again in a slightly different way by asking a question:

“You want to take away my constitutional rights as an American citizen so you can protect me from someone who wants to take away my rights as an American citizen?”

If this thought does not give you a headache you probably need to re read it.

A lesson from STASI

Students of the East German secret police STASI, say that StasI preferred to rarely make arrests and use torture (particularly as compared with their Russian masters). They simply kept people in line by knowing their secrets, by knowing their schedules, where they went, who they talked to. If someone was leaning toward counter revolutionary ideas, all they had to do was discredit them with their wives and families, with their organizations, with there jobs. Once they lost all in those areas no further actions were needed.

What we can do

If our leaders are truly concerned, here is an idea:

Let us exercise our rights without interference. We need to speak openly about our problems, including the problems with terrorists. We need to be unimpeded from our right to arms so that we may protect ourselves from such problems. We need to be free from unlawful searches and seizures to protect us from those who might someday use this information to harm us. Fourth amendment rights should be taken as seriously as the others.

Some action steps:

  1. Educate all on the constitution. People need to read it, understand it, and act on it. Maybe we could buy some copies and pass them out to such people as our congressmen and women, and the presidential candidates. They really seem to need it!
  2. Use it as a gauge for our leaders. Hold their feet to the constitutional fire. Ask them what part of “shall not infringe” do they not understand, and when they act contrary to the constitution, remove them from office as quickly as possible!
  3. Exercise our rights. You have the right to free speech, exercise it! Find a soap box and step right up. You are entitled to speak your mind. Go to worship or not, buy a firearm and learn to use it safely, use your first amendment right to protect your fourth amendment right by calling your elected officials and telling them you don’t want them to spy on you, and that you are watching them!

That’s a start, come up with some more, join the conversation by commenting below, or on facebook.


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