What Judge Baker Can Do To Regain Credibility


It could be too late, but there is still a chance.

When Judge Baker came into office, he was seen by many as being one of the best hopes for county government in the beleaguered history of Smith county. Personally, I felt the same. I thought that we were seeing the birth of a new county government with a heart and a brain! I, like many others, am now asking, “What happened?”

My tendency is to think that it is a case of “bad company corrupting good morals”. If that is the case, it may not be too late.

A good start would be to admit that the most recent course was the wrong course, and that the the closed door meetings were a mistake as well. Getting rid of the attorney hired to cover up the mess would also go a long way toward healing. Besides, the lawyer for Smith county commissioners, Mr. Davis, was probably the best tool that jail opposition had! The hiring of a rude and raving attorney looked like desperation to the public, and sent many voters to the other side.


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