Who Is Arming ISIS?


Back in 2014, during a senate hearing on the budget, an appendage was added to the budget deal to supply arms to the moderate Islamic fighters who opposed the Assad regime, and supposedly also opposed the newest kids on the terrorist block, ISIS.

There was a young Senator who stood up in that debate and warned the Senate of the consequences. He was almost universally derided by the press, the White House, the House, and the Senate for his continued belief that we should not be attempting to topple secular governments in the middle east, and that by arming the moderates, we were in effect, arming ISIS!

This should have come as no shock (it didn’t) since Rand Paul had also spoken out on the same issues in 2013 and even earlier, before all the participants had even gotten a name!

What happened? Well, the bill was passed, the White House got it’s way, and thousands of tons of weapons were sent to the “moderates”. They did eventually end up in the hands of the radical jihadists who then turned them not only against Assad, but also the west, and peaceful Muslims everywhere!

This is one case when I hate to say I told you so, but, I told you so!

Dr. Paul’s rather lengthy full speech before the Senate on this bill is in the video below:

The answer to the question Who is arming ISIS is obvious: We have seen the idiots, and they are us!


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