Who Is Paying For This?


Who Is Paying?

Whether you have a Democratic Socialist, “Commie”, or a National Socialist, “Nazi”, someone still has to pay for the drinks and that is always the taxpayer! Whether you choose Bernie’s Unicorns in every stall, or Donald’s single payer health system and great wall of America, it will always be us paying for it! It is time to get a fiscal conservative back in the White House and hold our representatives feet to the fire before our grandchildren end up with a 90% tax rate!


2 thoughts on “Who Is Paying For This?”

    1. So, you will vote for Trump in spite of the fact that he is probably a democratic plant that is being put in place by people to usher in a democratic candidate who will never build a wall, or do anything to prevent the problem you talk about? Even if he was real, he can not win, and a vote for him is a vote for Hillary or Bernie. If we don’t wake up pretty soon, we will not have any candidates left who are real and can defeat the dems. We already lost the best possible choice! http://ajeffersonian.com/is-trump-a-trojan-horse/ and http://ajeffersonian.com/take-the-reality-show-guy-off-the-ballot-get-busy-saving-the-republic/

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