Who’s Job is it to Build a Jail


A lot has been made of county commissioners Fleming’s statements about the commissioners being responsible for building a jail, not, she pointed out, the elected judges. The criticisms are justified. If the people responsible for sending people to the facility to begin with tell the people in charge of building the facility that the facility is not needed, it might make sense to listen to them!

The attitude seems to be, that whether anyone wants the jail or not, they will have it! Whether the jail is needed or not, it will be built. The real question is: Why? Why is the commissioners court so dead set on building a jail with all the evidence against it? What is to be gained by such arrogance and obstinacy? Is it economic, political, or personal? It would seem to be one of these options, but which?

My tendency is to believe that in most matters of this type money is the motivation, but I do not see that in this case. At least no evidence of this has come to our attention.

The idea of political motivation is a possibility, but lacks sanity. The political atmosphere would seem to be against building the jail, and against higher taxes. The Incarcerex political motive doesn’t seem to hold water in a county so justifiably opposed to tax increases. Furthermore, running the jail in the same race as the school bond would seem to be political suicide with those who favor education over incarceration, as, for instance, educators.

What personal reasons could exist? I will have to pass on this one, other than to say that if it is some sort of supremacy issue, a political urinating contest, it should cease!


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