You Need Us: Dabblers, Generalists, Polymaths and Renaissance Men and Women


“Maybe the knowledge is too great and maybe men are growing too small. Maybe, kneeling down to atoms, they’re becoming atom-sized in their souls. Maybe a specialist is only a coward, afraid to look out of his little cage. And think what any specialist misses — the whole world over his fence.” (p. 538) East of Eden-Steinbeck

Innovation happens at the intersection of differing disciplines!

You need us! The world needs dabblers, generalists, polymaths and renaissance men and women. The world is in need of those who have a grasp of many subjects, for that space, is the space where innovation occurs!

It is interesting to note that it was a couple of bike mechanics that invented heavier than air flight, and that James Watt was a handyman at University of Glasgow when he began his work on the steam engine, Thomas Jefferson was a philosopher, theologian, architect, etc., etc., oh yes, also a founding father, and that Einstein was working was as a patent clerk when he came upon the theories which changed science and made him famous.

A true polymath, Jefferson work in many fields
Thomas Jefferson, A true generalist!

You need us to bring together the different disciplines which lead to innovation, you need us to find the truth when even the experts are influenced by sources outside the truth. You need us to interpret your advances in ways that allow others to understand and innovate, or at least keep them from burning you as witches!


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