Your Sublime And Peaceful Denial


Rule of LawI would rather have you think wrongly that I am a lunatic, a madman who prefers violence to peace, a warped and paranoid soul who thinks only the worst of humanity than to watch you being hauled away by men with weapons to a place from which you will never return!

Continue in your sublime and peaceful denial if you must, but do not become to convinced, nor to convincing lest you leave yourself nowhere to run when crisis comes!

Some say that the sort of vile, horrendous things that have happened in other places have not been common here, and for the most part they are correct. To think however, that they cannot happen here is insanity.

What has kept them mostly at bay here has been the revolutionary idea of the rule of law and the willingness of the people to stand up for it in the face of political and social pressure to give up rights which might be considered dangerous by some.

You, those of you who seek to keep us safe by taking away our privacy, by taking away our right to speak forthrightly, and by attempting to remove our right to be armed to defend those rights, (including your right to live in your sublime and peaceful denial), are kept safe by those who fight to maintain those rights!

We know you don’t understand. That’s okay, for one day you may. In that day, our paranoia will pay off in your favor, and then, you will be glad we did!


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